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Planting fruit trees 2021-03-30

Citrus: lemon, satsuma, blood orange, and grapefruit, two of each.

[Gretchen planting fruit trees]
Gretchen planting fruit trees

Better than the invasive chinaberry trees that used to be there. Getting rid of those took a bulldozer and years of mowing and harrowing. Continue reading

Citrus Resources –Marj Schneider

This goes with Yes, we can grow citrus in Georgia!, Marj Schneider’s talk at South Georgia Growing Local 2014. Also available in PDF and Word. -jsq

Citrus Resources

South GA Growing Local, January 25, 2014

From Marj Schneider: marjschneider@bellsouth.net

Loch Laurel Nursery
2867 Carroll Ulmer Road, Valdosta, Georgia 31601
Exit I-75 on Georgia Route 31 East (Exit 11). Turn right on Carroll Ulmer Road.
Nursery entrance is one half mile ahead on the left.
Phone: 229-460-5922
Email: craw142@bellsouth.net
Features cold hardy citrus, Satsumas, mandarins and lemons. Mark Crawford offered nursery tours for this conference.

McKenzie Farms
2115 Olanta Hwy, Scranton, SC29591
Phone: (843)-389-4831
EMAIL: citrusman99@hotmail.com
Stan McKenzie offers over 40 varieties of mostly cold hardy citrus, priced very affordably. Check out his website and call or write for availability and size.

Plant Folks Nursery
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Door Yard Citrus at Loch Laurel Nursery

Update 2 Feb 2014: Citrus Resources.

In addition to many camelias, Loch Laurel Nursery has Door Yard Citrus:

Many gardners are not aware of the wonderful citrus that can be grown in North Florida and South Georgia. Loch Laurel Nursery is proud to offer varieties that are cold hardy and produce tasty fruit you would assume could only be grown in semi-tropical climates. In fact, many of our varieties that are well-suited to our region (USDA Zone 8b), produce inferior fruit in Central Florida.


—Mandarine Orange, The fruit is easily peeled and contains loose segments that are easily separated. They are sweet and a bright orange color when ripe and nearly seedless. Satsumas are believed to be native to southern China and are widely grown along the gulf coast of the US. Satsuma trees grow 10 to 15 feet tall. The most popular variety is Owari that ripens in mid to late November. Hardy to 20°F. The variety Miho, developed in Texas is much earlier ripening in early to mid-October. Grafted on trifoliate orange, (Poncirus trifoliata) for improved cold hardiness.

That same Loch Laurel Nursery web page also lists Continue reading

Yes, we can grow citrus in Georgia! –Marj Schneider

Update 2 Feb 2014: Citrus Resources.

At South Georgia Growing Local 2014:

Learn about varieties that do best in our climate, and how to plant and nurture your trees. We will discuss winter protection, fertilizing, and challenges with citrus. You’ll leave with resources for buying trees and learning more.

Bess T. Chappas wrote and took this picture for SavannahNow 24 September 2008, Tropical garden in suburbia,

Twenty citrus trees are scattered around the yard, including lemon, blood orange, tangelo, cara-cara orange, lime, grapefruit, tangerine and mandarin. A pumello plant, a citrus variety from Southeast Asia, has a fruit the size of a basketball. Papaya and guava plants grow tall against the back of the house. Pineapple and coffee plants grow in the ground and in large pots.

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