Aging and Physical Health –Dr. Mario Bartoletti @ SOGALO16 2016-02-06

Dr. Mario Bartoletti appears unchanged since I first met him five years ago.

An exploration of the aging process and the benefits of a healthy lifestyle as perceived by an octogenarian.

Here’s a bio in the VDT from 2011, and a VDT review from 2013 of Dr. Bartoletti’s autobiographical book, Becoming a Man. Here he is in 2011 at almost 79, marching again as he did for civil rights many decades before. And in 2014 reminding the Lowndes County Commmission there are things they can do. Apparently one of the benefits of a healthy lifestyle is remaining engaged in the community.

You can register now to hear Dr. Bartoletti talk at South Georgia Growing Local, Saturday, February 6th 2016, at Pine Grove Middle School, Lowndes County, Georgia. Note that’s the new Pine Grove Middle School, 4159 River Rd, Valdosta, GA 31605.

Sure, you can wait and pay at the door, but that’ll cost you $10 more.