Swamp burn 2020-03-01

When you live in a fire forest, you must burn every few years. We caught up on about 23 acres of burning of piney woods, seepage slope, and swamp. All this was inside concentric rings of firebreaks, with no danger of it escaping off our property.

Don’t worry, for the wildlife there are plenty of brambles and woods and swamp unburned this year. More next year. And quail, gopher tortoises, and other wildlife don’t like the woods too thick anyway.

[Gretchen spreading fire with a rake]
Gretchen spreading fire with a rake

For why we burn, see previous post.

Rainwater for fire control

We do not now, nor have we ever, lived in Valdosta.

[Refilling sprayer from rainbarrel]
Refilling sprayer from rainbarrel

But we did get that rainbarrel from Valdosta Stormwater.

Swamp firebreak

We didn’t intend to burn all the way to the swamp, but the fire did.

[Movie: Brambles burning (15M)]
Movie: Brambles burning (15M)

Cypress swamp

[Did not plan to burn in here]
Did not plan to burn in here

New firebreak

[Fire approaching new firebreak]
Fire approaching new firebreak

Swamp and fire

[The deep swamp has water, so will not burn]
The deep swamp has water, so will not burn

Swamp kettle

[Water in tree]
Water in tree

Swamp fire line

[Here it comes]
Here it comes

Meanwhile, back at the house

We already burned around the house, so there was little danger there, because not much for a new fire to burn.

[Coming this way]
Coming this way

But better safe than sorry, so I moved these vehicles.



The dogs declined to help.