Azaleas, Pond, Dogs, Herons, Red-Bellied Woodpecker 2020-04-12

The dogs like this.

[Dogs in boats]
Dogs in boats

Some pretty things bloomed on the way to the pond.

[Wild Azaleas]
Wild Azaleas

For us this a straight path.

[Flowers and paddlers]
Flowers and paddlers

Brown Dog loves to balance on a log.

[Circus dogs]
Circus dogs

Yellow Dog was shivering in the water, so I convinced her to get in.

[Yellow figurehead Dog]
Yellow figurehead Dog

She likes the tippy prow of the boat so she can see all about.

[Looking left]
Looking left

She never used to lie down.

[Yellog Dog lying down; Brown Dog inside]
Yellog Dog lying down; Brown Dog inside


[Enough floating bottom]
Enough floating bottom

[A path]
A path

Stay tuned for mystery plants, wasps, great blue herons, and a woodpecker.