Memories of a Brown Dog 2007-2021

It was with much sadness that we said goodbye to the Brown Dog.

A quick moving cancer took her from being her delightful brown dog self to a mere shadow. Her personality, “don’t look at me while I am eating” was true to the end and when she was ready, she told us it was time to go, January 11, 2021.

Arriving as a pup on October 16, 2008, She-Ra consented to keeping the two upstarts. Our veterinarian, Dr. Ruff, said the dogs were about a year old. When asked what were their names we said “Brown Dog and Yellow Dog”. That is how we had been calling them while we decided if they would stay. After a month, they knew their names and so they were, the Brown Dog and the Yellow Dog.

Through adventures of snake bites, gopher tortoise escapades, controlled burns of forest management, gardening, snow, hurricanes, boat rides, and river adventures, Brown Dog lived a full and wonderful life.

Brown Dog is survived by her pack that includes her littermate Yellow Dog, acolytes Nellie and HoneyBun and her humans and predeceased by her mentor She-Ra.

5 thoughts on “Memories of a Brown Dog 2007-2021

  1. Ann Quarterman

    Beautiful, loving Brown dog had a wonderful life . She was blessed to have ya’ll as you were her. Sorry for ya’lls loss .

  2. David Lambert

    She led a wonderful and exciting life, as your pics depict. We know from day one that we’re gonna love them, but we know that this day is gonna come. Still, we give them our hearts. In a big way. We lost our river dog a couple months ago. The love is stronger than the loss.

  3. Tim and Clinton Carroll

    No finer obit about a great dog has ever been written.
    Our thoughts and prayers are with you all.

  4. Nancy Parr

    God bless . Brown Dog had a wonderful life and her spirit lives on forever. Your pictures and stories will keep her alive for all of us. Thank you for sharing her with us all these years

  5. B. Ann Rampley Sloan

    Brown Dog was one of your best friends who lived for your love. May you both be reunited in Heaven

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