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Happy and Sad times at the farm

May has been a bit of a tumultuous month for us on the farm. At the beginning of the month, our Nellie was killed by truck on GA122, at Hagan Bridge. It has stunned us all that such a horrible thing could happen to our pack. Our grieving has been deep and continues.

However, we are lucky to welcome Blondie to the fold. She is a one year old Carolina dog and Honeybun and Yellow Dog are now showing her around the farm, introducing her to the delights of the woods, the fields, and the swamp. We don’t know much about her, she was a stray that managed to find her way to a rescue organization, and from there to us.

Dogs [Dogs in the cypress swamp]

[Nellie: forever young]
Nellie: forever young

Memories of a Brown Dog 2007-2021

It was with much sadness that we said goodbye to the Brown Dog.

A quick moving cancer took her from being her delightful brown dog self to a mere shadow. Her personality, “don’t look at me while I am eating” was true to the end and when she was ready, she told us it was time to go, January 11, 2021.

Arriving as a pup on October 16, 2008, She-Ra consented to keeping the two upstarts. Our veterinarian, Dr. Ruff, said the dogs were about a year old. When asked what were their names we said “Brown Dog and Yellow Dog”. That is how we had been calling them while we decided if they would stay. After a month, they knew their names and so they were, the Brown Dog and the Yellow Dog.

Through adventures of snake bites, gopher tortoise escapades, controlled burns of forest management, gardening, snow, hurricanes, boat rides, and river adventures, Brown Dog lived a full and wonderful life.

Brown Dog is survived by her pack that includes her littermate Yellow Dog, acolytes Nellie and HoneyBun and her humans and predeceased by her mentor She-Ra.

Focus on Food, Conference in Waycross, GA 2018-03-17

Our friends in Waycross will be having a conference in March. Nothing this year in Lowndes.

Focus On Food (2nd Annual Homestead Guild Conference), hosted by Way Green Grassroots Homestead Guild.

Focus on Food Conference

When: Saturday, March 17 at 8:30 AM – 4:30 PM

Where: “More info coming soon!”

What: “Growing, raising, cooking, preserving and using food! Workshops will be announced soon. Vendor space will also be available. Mark your calendars!”

For more information, contact our friends at WayGreen in Waycross


Okra, cucumber, yellow squash, and more at Barnes Drugs in Valdosta today

Farmacy is today. 1:30-3:30 at Barnes Drugs. Corner of Savannah and Patterson in Valdosta. I will have okra and grits and lots of other delicious stuff. So will Thelma. Don’t miss out.

Okra Paradise Farms price list

Okra Paradise Farms
Price List — June 21, 2017 Continue reading

The role effective farmers markets play in a healthy community – Sagdrina Jalal @ SOGALO16 2016-02-06

Georgia Farmers Market Association Sagdrina Jalal

An important part of our farming community is making sure that the things we grow make it to the tables of those who want and need them. Sagdrina Jalal works with the Georgia Farmers Market Association. She will introduce us to its role in supporting markets and producers in our state.

Her format will be discussion and round table, specific to our community. We will examine this issues surrounding food insecurity and food access in Georgia. We will discuss the way a farmers market can bring all segments of the food system together for the benefit of the community. In addition, we will particpate in a food access version of “walk the line” an interactive and very impactful social examination of food disparity.

Who should attend your talk? Continue reading

The conference is — *tomorrow*!

Sign, in Pine Grove Campus, by Gretchen Quarterman, 25 January 2012

Sign, in Pine Grove Campus, by Gretchen Quarterman, 25 January 2012
Lowndes County Schools

Tomorrow! – January 24, 2015 – South Georgia Growing Local

On-line registration is closed. You can register on-site tomorrow morning beginning at 8:30am at Pine Grove Middle School.

Looking forward to seeing everyone there.