House burn 2022-03-28

If you want a southern pine forest, you have to burn every few years to keep the other trees back, and to keep the vines from climbing to the top as ladder fuels.

[Start, spread, finish]
Start, spread, finish

This was a burn around the house, also to reduce the likelihood of wildfires or our other burns getting to the house.

Might be prudent to do it in less than five years, since there was a lot of raking to be done this time. That’s why we took two days to do this five acres.

But we did it with one match. No gasoline or diesel to spread the fire. Just flaming pine straw on rakes.

Start, 2022-03-28

[One match]
One match


[Even this oaky corner burned]
Even this oaky corner burned


[Well burned]
Well burned

Part 2, 2022-03-29

[One match]
One match


[Smokey oak leaves]
Smokey oak leaves


[Almost all the way around]
Almost all the way around