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Prescribed burn, 1.6 acres planted pines 2020-02-24

Here’s why we should have burned this patch last year, but unfortunately weather didn’t cooperate.

[Why frequent burning is necessary]
Why frequent burning is necessary

If we didn’t burn, eventually what we’d get would be an uncontrolled wildfire with much worse flareups than that.

Somebody always complains about burning woods. Let the Longleaf Alliance explain the benefits of fire in a southern pine forest.

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Prescribed burns

Gretchen and I burned some woods the last couple days. Here’s why we burn: longleaf pine unharmed, while small trees of other species (slash and loblolly pine, an especially oaks) are weeded out by the fire.

Why we burn: longleaf unharmed

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Day 1: Planted pines

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Old Road

This is a road, at least a hundred years old, after a prescribed burn:

John S. Quarterman, Gretchen Quarterman,
Brown Dog, Yellow Dog,
Lowndes County, Georgia, 4 March 2012.
Pictures by John S. Quarterman

Those are mostly slash pines (Pinus elliottii), with one or two longleaf and some oaks.




Burning some piney woods 2012 01 31

Why to burn more frequently: vines grow up trees and form ladder fuels

Prescribed burn of some piney woods at Okra Paradise Farms, Lowndes County, Georgia.
Pictures and videos by John S. Quarterman and Gretchen Quarterman, 31 January 2012.

Fortunately these vines were mostly in invasive exotics anyway (chinaberry, mimosa, Japanese privet) that had grown up along the field edge. After a few minutes, here’s the result.

Most of the rest of the woods burned much more evenly, with flames only a foot or two above the ground.

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