Grapes, beaver pond, sycamore, beggarticks, bananas, cypress swamp, dogs 2022-08-10

A walk in the woods one summer day.

[Grapes, sycamore, banana, cypress swamp]
Grapes, sycamore, banana, cypress swamp

Those grapes were ripe and tasty. Muscadine, Vitis rotundifolia. This is down by a beaver pond.

[Wild grapes with Gretchen, Arrow, and Honeybun]
Wild grapes with Gretchen, Arrow, and Honeybun

The tan hanging things are grapevine roots.


That tree was not knee-high to Gretchen when we transplanted it there.

[Sycamore tree]
Sycamore tree

Gretchen was pointing to this spider. The camera did not want to focus on it.


Nice flowers. Considered to be a weed, but we like them.

[Hairy Beggarticks, Bidens alba]
Hairy Beggarticks, Bidens alba

Very fresh.

[Banana blossom]
Banana blossom

Soon they will be tasty.

[Banana fruit]
Banana fruit

Three dogs are in there, and two of them are visible if you look closely enough.

[Cypress swamp with Honeybun and Blondie]
Cypress swamp with Honeybun and Blondie