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Banana spider 2022-11-01

They’re everywhere in the woods in the fall.

[About head height, of course]
About head height, of course

Also called golden orb spiders, Trichonephila clavipes.

Their venom is poisonous, but it doesn’t have much effect on humans, and I’ve never had one bite me despite frequently having them walk all over me when I’m in the woods on the tractor.


Spider hat, garden vegetables 2021-06-28

A common occurrence in the woods: a banana spider on my hat.

[Orb weaver spider on hat]
Orb weaver spider on hat

These golden orb-weavers, genus Nephila, weave webs many feet across between trees, often at human eye height.

I left this one on a nearby bush.

Here are a few vegetables from the garden that day. Continue reading