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Petition: Stop rezoning on Quarterman Road 2023-08-28

Update 2023-08-24: Packet: Two county rezonings, one plainly inappropriate @ GLPC 2023-08-28.

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We the undersigned ask that the request for 2.5 acre lots on Quarterman Road be denied.

The smallest appropriate acreage in our area is the EA minimum of 5 acres.

Rural rezonings like this lead to additional developments in the future. We don’t want it now and we don’t want it later.

We ask the Greater Lowndes Planning Commission to recommend denial in its August meeting.

We ask the Lowndes County Commission to deny in its September meeting.

[Rezoning sign, site, Quarterman Road, Zoning Map, Agriculture/Forestry/Conservation Character Area]
Rezoning sign, site, Quarterman Road, Zoning Map, Agriculture/Forestry/Conservation Character Area

R-A allows 2.5-acre lots, while E-A allows only down to 5-acre lots. That is inappropriate on Quarterman Road, where there is no R-A, and the entire road is in the Agriculture/Forestry/Conservation Character Area. Many of us fought to preserve that Character Area only two years ago. Just last year we fought off a Dollar General on GA-122 at Skipper Bridge Road, in the same Character Area.

Now let’s stop this rezoning in the same Character Area.

According to the Lowndes County Unified Land Development Code (ULDC), Continue reading

A Local Rural Road is Not a Collector

Quarterman Road is a local rural road through a rural neighborhood. Reclassifying it as collector and raising the speed limit would create a safety hazard.

The first map below is from the Lowndes County Thoroughfare Plan dated January 28, 2003; this is the version currently on the county’s public web pages. It plainly shows Quarterman Road (near the top center) as a local road.

Thoroughfare Map, Lowndes County, Georgia

The Georgia Department of Transportation (GDOT) told me that it is possible to classify parts of a road differently, especially when the major source of traffic is (in GDOT’s example) a subdivision that is located closer to one end. This is confirmed by the second map, from the South Georgia Regional Development Center (SGRDC), Continue reading