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USDA & Rural Revitalization –Bryan J. Zulko

What the U.S. Department of Agriculture is doing about rural Georgia: Bryan Zulko will talk about that at South Georgia Growing Local 2014:

I will go over a few initiatives I am currently working on, specifically the StrikeForce Initiative (persistent poverty 60 counties), SET (Stronger Economies Together), and the significance of RHIT (Rural Health Information Technology). In the 2nd part I will be discussing some of our funding programs, focusing on Rural infrastructure, local foods, downtown development, and essential community facilities.

His conference bio: Continue reading

A Local Rural Road is Not a Collector

Quarterman Road is a local rural road through a rural neighborhood. Reclassifying it as collector and raising the speed limit would create a safety hazard.

The first map below is from the Lowndes County Thoroughfare Plan dated January 28, 2003; this is the version currently on the county’s public web pages. It plainly shows Quarterman Road (near the top center) as a local road.

Thoroughfare Map, Lowndes County, Georgia

The Georgia Department of Transportation (GDOT) told me that it is possible to classify parts of a road differently, especially when the major source of traffic is (in GDOT’s example) a subdivision that is located closer to one end. This is confirmed by the second map, from the South Georgia Regional Development Center (SGRDC), Continue reading