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Happy Serenity Acres Farm

Julia Shewchuk will present How to make Basic Goat Milk Soap at South Georgia Growing Local in February.

Gretchen Hein, New Leaf Market Co-op, Jan/Feb/Mar 2016, Local Spotlight—Serenity Acres Farm,

“Happy Soaps by Happy Goats,” is the tagline of the Serenity Acres Farm Goat Soap home page and “happy” describes many things about Serenity Acres Farm. Yes, even how it feels to be lathered by the suds of their goat milk soap.

Owned by Julia and Wayne, Serenity Acres Farm is located in nearby Madison County, Florida. It’s a small farm with a big goal of producing locally grown and farm-raised products free of major pesticides, hormones and genetically modified components. All their animals are Animal Welfare Approved certified and pasture based.

Originally, Julia and Wayne were looking for…. Continue reading

Raising goats. Is it a hobby or a business? –Bobbie Golden @ SOGALO15 2015-01-24

South Georgia Growing Local is also for North Florida, where these goats live.

  • Breeds that are most likely to live in our environment
  • How to market and get some return on your investment

Bobbie’s business is Golden Acres Ranch, between Monticello Florida, and Thomasville, Georgia. Come hear Bobbie talk about her goats at South Georgia Growing Local 2015, this Saturday, January 24th, at Pine Grove Middle School, in Lowndes County, Georgia.


Schedule changes for South Georgia Growing Local 2014

Four talks have moved locations or times:

Jerald Larson needed an earlier slot, so Grow Your Own Organic Small Fruits has moved to 11:30 AM in Room 1.

Composting needs a room with a tile floor, so Composting: Red Wigglers and Soldier Flies by John Horton has moved to 3:15 PM in Commons.

A Walk with Dairy Goats: a lesson in humor and humility by Julia Shewchuk has moved to 3:15 PM in Commons.

From Fabulous Natural Fibers to Flamboyant Fabric: the craft and art of hand spinning and weaving by Amy Brown has moved to 11:30 AM in Room 2.

All these changes are in the revised schedule.


Florida Goats at South Georgia Growing Local 2014

It’s not just for south Georgia: from Madison County, Florida, Julia Shewchuk will talk about her goats of Serenity Acres Farm.

Here’s Wayne and Julia’s welcome to Serenity Acres Farm:

We are a small farm in Madison County Florida working toward the big goal of bringing you locally grown products and farm raised products without the use of major pesticides, hormones and genetically modified components.

Our philosophy is simple: Grow and raise it locally and then offer only the freshest and best of what we produce.

The goats appear about a minute into this video, with milking about 2 and a half minutes in: Continue reading