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Tomorrow! and inside out of the rain @ SOGALO17 2017-01-21

It may rain Saturday (tomorrow!), but South Georgia Growing Local will be inside at a new venue with cooking facilities! Watch Gretchen explain it on the radio with Chris Beckham and Scott James.

When: 9AM-4:30 PM, Saturday, January 21st 2017

Where: Pinevale Elementary School, 930 Lake Park Road, Valdosta GA.

Facebook: event and Community

Web: page with schedule.


The Language of Food –Katy Rogers @ SOGALO17 2017-01-21

Katy Rogers will talk about The Language of Food at South Georgia Growing Local 2017, January 21, 2017 in Valdosta, Georgia:

Katy Rogers Language is power and knowing the language of food, from field to fork, empowers you. It gives you the ability to make informed decisions about what to eat and how to spend your money.

Wouldn’t it be nice to understand what exactly you are putting in your mouth? The language used in growing food, getting it certified and to market, processing raw commodities, labeling the processed products and getting them sold is foreign to most consumers but you can change that. You can learn the language of food.

This introductory class will cover basic food production, certification and labeling vocabulary providing you with a better understanding of what you are buying, eating and feeding your loved ones.

Who should attend:

This is a class for people who want to understand the information conveyed by food labels in regard to both sourcing and ingredients.

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