I Stand For What I Stand On: Permaculture for a Better Tomorrow –Benjamin & Jennifer Vieth @ SOGALO16 2016-02-06

Layered gardens as ecosystems that have persistent community and environmental benefits: permaculture.

Jennifer Vieth in the garden Description: We will be discussing how permaculture practices with an emphasis on land stewardship and building communities.

Who should attend: Anyone interested in community gardens, permaculture, and environmental philosophy.

“Benjamin Vieth has a BA in Anthropology and Sociology and has been an avid gard ener for the last six years. While at Valdosta State University he has served a s the president of the university’s organic garden, Blazer Gardens, and vice pre sident of the horticulture club. This spring, he will earn his MA in History.”

Ben and Jennifer Vieth Jennifer Vieth is an interior designer with a Bachelor’s of Fine Arts from Val dosta State University. She also holds a Permaculture Design Certificate from t he Green Education Center (Orlando, FL). A lifetime gardener, Jennifer founded the South Georgia Permaculture Guild to share her passion for growing food in a way that is environmentally conscious and aesthetically appealing. In her free time, Jennifer enjoys reading science fiction, binge watching Netflix, and occasionally falling out of kayaks.

Registration is open for South Georgia Growing Local, Saturday, February 6th 2016, at Pine Grove Middle School, Lowndes County, Georgia.


Jennifer Vieth in the garden