Gretchen on Scott James 92.1 FM radio about Ham and Eggs show 7:00AM 2016-02-10

7AM Thursday morning, Gretchen Quarterman will be on the Scott James, 92.1 FM radio program along with Ray Ewing (President of Lowndes Improvement Association), to talk about a South Georgia cultural tradition, and one of only two left in the entire country: the 66th annual Ham and Eggs Auction 2016. You can bid on eggs, on a ham, and if you talk to Gretchen or Ray they can tell you how to get involved in the program and even how to get the whole hog!

noon at 2102 E Hill Ave, Valdosta, GA 31601 The Ham and Eggs Show will be noon Wednesday 17 February 2016 at the Lowndes County Extension Office, 2102 E Hill Ave, Valdosta, GA 31601 (facebook event).

If you are interested in entering eggs in the show they are to be submitted on Tuesday 16 February 2016 between 8-9am with the candling and judging of the eggs from 9-11. Only brown eggs can be submitted (although green, blue and white are all lovely, this is a brown egg contest). UGA Poultry Specialist, Dr. Claudia Dunkley will give a presentation on Backyard Hens at 10am Tuesday and the judging of the hams is open to the public and is an educational experience for all.


noon at 2102 E Hill Ave, Valdosta, GA 31601