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Growing Backyard Chickens –Claudia Dunkley @ SOGALO17 2017-01-21

Dr. Claudia Dunkley, Extension Poultry Scientist, will speak about Growing Backyard Chickens at South Georgia Growing Local 2017, January 21, 2017 in Valdosta, Georgia:

Basic information for beginning a backyard flock including: breeds, housing, nutrition, egg production and biosecurity.

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Designing Edible Landscapes –Katherine Melcher @ SOGALO17 2017-01-21

Katherine Melcher and students will talk about Designing Edible Landscapes Edible Landscape at South Georgia Growing Local 2017, January 21, 2017 in Valdosta, Georgia:

In this talk, we will present the work of UGA Tifton students whose task was to implement an edible landscape design for the Future Farmstead, a net-zero energy residence on campus. Our design intent was to create a model sustainable landscape that could serve as an educational and inspirational site for home owners in the area.

The presentation will be divided into three parts:

  1. An overview of their landscape design process.
  2. Ideas for sustainable home landscapes that integrate water, soil, animal, plant, and human systems.
  3. Planting design recommendations and a selection of plants suitable for edible home landscapes in south Georgia.

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Gretchen on Scott James 92.1 FM radio about Ham and Eggs show 7:00AM 2016-02-10

7AM Thursday morning, Gretchen Quarterman will be on the Scott James, 92.1 FM radio program along with Ray Ewing (President of Lowndes Improvement Association), to talk about a South Georgia cultural tradition, and one of only two left in the entire country: the 66th annual Ham and Eggs Auction 2016. You can bid on eggs, on a ham, and if you talk to Gretchen or Ray they can tell you how to get involved in the program and even how to get the whole hog!

noon at 2102 E Hill Ave, Valdosta, GA 31601 The Ham and Eggs Show will be noon Wednesday 17 February 2016 at the Lowndes County Extension Office, 2102 E Hill Ave, Valdosta, GA 31601 (facebook event).

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UGA Vegetable Growers Workshop 2015-01-30

300x225 2015 Cornucopia, in Vegetable Growers Workshop, by UGA Horticulture, for OkraParadiseFarms.com, 30 January 2015 How to grow your own vegetables for food and/or profit, according to UGA Griffin, at the end of this month. You can register by printing and mailing the PDF form, or through the event website. -jsq

University of Georgia Horticulture Presents:
Vegetable Growers Workshop

This program will cover many aspects of how to grow your own Continue reading

4-H bus for Farm Tours

The 4-H bus we’ll be using for the Farm Tours today South Georgia Growing Local 2014 was in the Valdosta Daily Times Wednesday.

New minibus for Lowndes County 4-H,

Lowndes County 4-H honored County Commissioners and local businesses for their support of the 4-H program in the recent purchase of a new Lowndes County 4-H minibus at its Kids Dig It Thank You Luncheon held in December.

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Advanced sheets-Field operations of the Bureau of Soils, 1917

What was your county like a hundred years ago, roads, houses, streams, ponds, and soils? Digital Library of Georgia in association with the University of Georgia Map Library has made available old soil maps from around 1910-1920 online in a viewer that can pan and zoom. Detail of Cat Creek Road, Lowndes County, Georgia in 1917:

Detail of Cat Creek Road

Detail of Cat Creek Road
John S. Quarterman, Gretchen Quarterman, Brown Dog, Yellow Dog,
Screenshot by John S. Quarterman for Okra Paradise Farms, Lowndes County, Georgia, 13 July 2012.

The soils haven't changed much (Tf is Tifton A soil, for example), but the roads and houses have, and many streams have been dammed for ponds.

They seem to have all Georgia counties. Here's Tift County in 1910 and Cook County in 1931.


Owed to Don Davis of the Lowndes County Museum at the 11 July 2012 WWALS Watershed Coalition meeting.


Pigweed on Georgia Farm Monitor

Dr. Stanley Culpepper of UGA Tifton says 52 counties have the mutant pigweed. He says they’re looking at cover crops and deep turning. (You may know that as plowing.) He hastily adds that they’re looking at other herbicides. But he wraps up by saying we have to look at other methods than herbicides: tillage and cover crops. He frames it as diversity and integration. What it really means is spraying poisons eventually breeds weeds that refuse to be poisoned. People, of course, are not so lucky.

This is the same Dr. Culpepper whose extensive slides on this subject I reviewed last summer.