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How many raw milk drinkers?

A lot more than most people think, or that the CDC has said much about.

Steve Bemis digs into the Population Survey Atlas of Exposures, 2006-2007

It was huge, conducting telephone interviews with 17,372 interviewees representing a population of 45,883,553 people in the listed ten states, from May 2006 to April 2007.
So, how many raw milk drinkers? Continue reading

Fat Rats on HFCS

Hilary Parker writes about research at Princeton:
“Some people have claimed that high-fructose corn syrup is no different than other sweeteners when it comes to weight gain and obesity, but our results make it clear that this just isn’t true, at least under the conditions of our tests,” said psychology professor Bart Hoebel, who specializes in the neuroscience of appetite, weight and sugar addiction. “When rats are drinking high-fructose corn syrup at levels well below those in soda pop, they’re becoming obese — every single one, across the board. Even when rats are fed a high-fat diet, you don’t see this; they don’t all gain extra weight.”
Every single rat got fat on HFCS.

And the researchers are not talking about a little extra weight: Continue reading