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Georgia’s Lack of Rail Act

Jay Bookman blogs in the AJC about how Rail will come ‘when Georgia gets its act together’, talking about Ray LaHood, U.S. Secretary of Transportation:
In his comments, LaHood tried hard not to criticize Georgia policy makers directly. “I’m not going to pretend to tell Georgia what to do,” he said repeatedly.

But rather than criticize the lack of planning and support for high-speed rail in Georgia, he offered examples of regions elsewhere that “get it.” “The Northeast (high-speed rail) corridor has its act together,” LaHood said. “The Midwest corridor has its act together. The governors there have set aside their own egos and their own ambitions” to work together on bringing high-speed rail to those regions.

LaHood made no mention of the stark contrast to the Southeast, where our governors are too busy posturing to discuss resolution of the ongoing water wars, let alone high-speed rail.

Ain’t that the truth.

The best part is in a comment:

You see the state legislature wants to control the tax revenues from metro Atlanta so they can spend them in Hahira, Rome, Valdosta, etc., etc. Antwhere but metro Atlanta.
Ah, Atlanta! Just more important than anywhere else!

You know, if Atlanta cooperated in creating a rail plan for the entire state, such as for example the long-established rail corridor from Chattanooga through Atlanta, Macon, Tifton, Hahira, and Valdosta to Jacksonville and Orlando, we might actually get rail in Georgia. It doesn’t have to all be high speed. If I could take a regular passenger train to Atlanta, I sure would, instead of having to drive or squeeze into an ASA toothpaste tube.

By the way, Ray LaHood has a blog.

Valdosta Depot, Atlantic Coast Line Railroad

Here’s a train at the ACL station in Valdosta:

ACL Depot

I don’t know the vintage of this picture. Those more clever than me could try dating it by the style of the Coca-Cola ads or the electrical poles or the clothes or the locomotive engine. I would guess 1920s.

This is the railroad (then known as the Atlantic and Gulf Railroad) that caused Troupville residents to uproot themselves and to found Valdosta as the Lowndes County seat at the present location, on the main line from Savannah to Thomasville. So this is the original Valdosta train station. I don’t know if it’s the original building, but it’s the original location, between Patterson and Ashley, where the overpass starts now.

Picture courtesy of Lowndes County Historical Society. They’ve got a caboose out back, too.