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Longleaf video by Nature Conservancy

With appearances by Moody Forest and people from there and from the Longleaf Alliance, not to mention gopher tortoises and indigo snakes:

Fire forest, yes! But they forgot to mention Smilax: catbriar, greenbriar, those vines that like to catch you in the woods.

Thanks to Gary Stock for the tip.


Moody Forest, home of the Red Cockaded Woodpecker

In addition to her popular trilogy of books, Janisse Ray has also edited a small volume about the Moody Forest Natural Area, which was on sale at her talk in Moultrie the other day. I can’t find a reference to that book online, although Moody Forest itself features in Wild Card Quilt.

However, Gretchen and I did visit Moody Forest in 2008, and took some pictures, like this one on the right that appears to be the home of some rare red-cockaded woodpeckers:

That’s just one picture, but follow this link for the others.