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Francine the softshell turtle laid some eggs 2018-05-30

Gretchen was working at the potting table under the end shelter when she noticed something odd right by the table. It was Francine, our friend the softshell tortoise, in from the woods, laying eggs in the same under the shelter.

Francine, Tortoise eggs

So we fenced the dogs out until she politely asked to be let out. Then I put Continue reading

Cottonmouth moccasin v Yellow Dog and Brown Dog @ OPF 2016-11-29

At the far side of the pond, Yellow Dog spotted a moccasin before anybody else. The small but deadly Agkistrodon piscivorus didn’t stand a chance against the pair of experienced snake wranglers, Yellow Dog and Brown Dog.

Can you see the snake? (Tail, lower left)

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Gretchen and her lizard

She did not like it in the sink.

She likes it fine but where she drinks.

Not with water, it would get wet!

In a glass with leaves, it can’t get out.


The lizard didn’t like the leaves.
“I’m a carnivore,” it said.
“Thanks for the water,” and
“Could you let me out to play?”

So we let it out, but it thanked Gretchen first.