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Fourth of July Beaver Dam Expeditions

The pond was too dam high, and the beavers were girdling trees far out from the usual shore, so we set sail to pipe the beaver dam. Dogs waiting for us to get the boat to the deep water:

Dogs waiting for us to get the boat to the deep water


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Lowered Beaver Pond

Did the great beaver dam pipe experiment succeed?


Why yes, yes it did. You can see one of the pipes underneath the second log. And the water in the beaver pond is clearly lower.

Maybe the beavers won’t gnaw down as many trees. Gnawed

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Draining a Beaver Pond

We like beavers; they keep the water in our 12 acre pond. But they’re getting a little too ambitious. They’ve build another dam upstream, and they’re gnawing down trees. So we decided to put a pipe through their dam to fool them (this idea owed to David Fields).

This is the creek

This is an ordinary 4 inch perforated drain pipe, bought at North Lowndes Hardware. It needs to go through that dam I’m standing on. How do you do that? First remove a bunch of sticks (gloves are useful for this): Continue reading