Dr. Quarterman’s ground-breaking work will continue –Dr. J. Richard Carter

Received 13 June 2014 and permission to publish granted today. -jsq

From: J Richard Carter
To: Patrick Quarterman

I am very sorry to hear about Dr. Quarterman. She was a remarkable person. I started graduate school at Vanderbilt in 1978, a few years after Dr. Quarterman retired, so I didn’t have the privilege of taking her courses. However, she was still very much a presence in the department, attending seminars and interacting with faculty and students informally in the departmental conference room.

I also remember that she very kindly gave me a set of reprints of her classic paper (with Dr. Keever) on ecological succession in the coastal plain of the southeastern United States. I still require my local flora and dendrology students to read this paper, and until fairly recently we had access to Troupville Woods just west of Valdosta, one of her study sites.

Dr. Quarterman’s ground-breaking work will continue through her graduate students and their students, and she will also be remembered for her research with cedar glades and the preservation of these rare communities in middle Tennessee. Dr. Quarterman was dynamic and energetic when I knew her at Vanderbilt in the late 1970s and the early 1980s. She will be missed!


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