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Elsie was more than a biology professor and ecologist –Jonathan Ertelt, Community

Saying what many students think: “Students of all ages are thankful that her appreciation of the plant kingdom and the world around her touched them and made their lives.”

Jonathan Ertelt, Vanderbilt Magazine, Summer 2014 issue, Quarterman Was More Than a Biology Professor and Ecologist, Continue reading

Dr. Quarterman’s ground-breaking work will continue –Dr. J. Richard Carter

Received 13 June 2014 and permission to publish granted today. -jsq

From: J Richard Carter
To: Patrick Quarterman

I am very sorry to hear about Dr. Quarterman. She was a remarkable person. I started graduate school at Vanderbilt in 1978, a few years after Dr. Quarterman retired, so I didn’t have the privilege of taking her courses. However, she was still very much a presence in the department, attending seminars and interacting with faculty and students informally in the departmental conference room.

I also remember that she very kindly gave me a set of reprints of her classic Continue reading

Elsie Quarterman WPLN audio

Nina Cardona of WPLN Nashville Public Radio talked about pioneering ecologist Dr. Elsie Quarterman; here’s the audio:

Emily Siner // Nashville Public Radio // WPLN 90.3 FM // Enterprise Reporter

And here’s WPLN’s text version of the same story.

The radio story draws on the video by MTSU Center for Cedar Glade Studies of the April 2008 dedication to Dr. Elsie Quarterman of the annual wildflower festival at Cedars of Lebanon State Park east of Nashville, Tennessee.

A memorial service will be held 10AM this Saturday 21 June 2014 at Westminster Presbyterian Church, 3900 West End Avenue, Nashville, Tennessee, with a reception at the church following the service. See the Elsie blog page for many more stories and pictures of Aunt Elsie.