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Cast Iron Cookery Wall 2023-12-17

Gretchen has so many cast iron pots and pans that they’re hard to find in drawers and cabinets, so we’ve taken to hanging them on walls.

[Cast iron on the wall and behind the wood stove]
Cast iron on the wall and behind the wood stove

Here she is admiring the result:
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Frisky Fermentation –Lori Freeman @ SOGALO17 2017-01-21

Lori Freeman will talk about Frisky Fermentation at Lori Freeman South Georgia Growing Local 2017, January 21, 2017 in Valdosta, Georgia:

Participants will learn how regular consumption of lacto-fermented vegetables provides beneficial bacteria to the intestinal tract and helps to keep us healthy. Food demo will include traditional method of preserving vegetables. Topics include:

  • The use of whey as a starter culture
  • Tools needed for fermenting
  • Making traditional sauerkraut
  • Fermenting other vegetables and such as carrots, red cabbage, beets

SOGALO17 will be at a new venue with cooking facilities! Continue reading

HolisticNutrition: Eat food, not too much, mostly plants –Ashley Dowdy @ SOGALO17 2017-01-21

Ashley Dowdy will talk about HolisticNutrition, “Eat food, not too much, mostly plants,” Holistic Nutrition at South Georgia Growing Local 2017, January 21, 2017 in Valdosta, Georgia:

We will be discussing a variety of topics covering basic nutrition including macro vs micro nutrients, optimal diets for longevity, how to make lasting changes to your eating habits, how to plan meals and feed your family.

Who should attend:

Anyone interested in learning the nutrition basics to live a healthier life. Learn how to design and maintain a healthy diet and why you should strive for nutrient-dense natural foods.

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Herbs and Spices: Adding more flavor to your food –Hagen Homestead @ SOGALO17 2017-01-21

Christine Hagen will talk about Herbs and Spices: Adding more flavor to your food, at South Georgia Growing Local 2017, January 21, 2017 in Valdosta, Georgia:

Sprouts and spreads Learn how easy it is to grow your own herbs, how to harvest them, and to dry them. Plus I will share recipes for cooking with fresh herbs and making your own spice blends.

Who should attend:

Anyone who likes to add flavor to their food.

Hagen Homestead, which does Community Supported Agriculture (CSA), will also have a vendor table. Continue reading

Bread 101 –Arica Griner @ SOGALO16 2016-02-06

Get your hands on baking bread:

Arica I will talk about the benefits of eating fresh milled wheat/sprouted. The effects that it has on the body and digestion. I will also have a hands on where they can make a small loaf of bread to take home along with a printed recipe.

Registration is open for South Georgia Growing Local, Saturday, February 6th 2016, at Pine Grove Middle School, Lowndes County, Georgia.


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Cooking with Real Food –Christine and Angela Hagen @ SOGALO15 2015-01-24

Christine and Angela Hagen of Hagen Homestead CSA will talk about

Cooking ideas and menu strategies featuring locally grown, naturally produced and passionately wholesome ingredients.

Who should attend: Anyone who likes to eat.

Come hear Christine and Angela at South Georgia Growing Local 2015, January 24th 2015, Pine Grove Middle School, near Valdosta, in Lowndes County Georgia.


South Georgia Growing Local Conference, 14 January 2012

Last time some okravores (south Georgia locavores) realized nobody else was going to hold a conference about growing local in the characteristic soils and climate and with the characteristic foods and culture of south Georgia, so okravores met in Tifton and learned about everything from controling insect to which breeds of cows produce the best organic milk. Raven demonstrated you can make cheese in south Georgia and Gretchen demonstrated preserving beautyberry and other jams and jellies, along with many other interesting talks and demonstrations, and good food. The South Georgia Growing Local Conference is back, this time near Reidsville, in January.


Saturday, Jan. 14, 2012, 9-5


UGA’s Vidalia Onion & Vegetable Research Center, between Lyons & Reidsville, Ga. & Red Earth Farm, Reidsville
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Straining beautyberry

So far we’ve picked and cook the beautyberries. Now we want to pour it through a strainer to get out any remaining stems or skins. That’s why it’s going to be jelly, not jam. This strainer is an old pillow case.

First get it nice and bubbling.

Then strain it as in the first picture above. Then cook it some more and add sugar.

To be continued….

Straining and cooking of Callicarpa americana by Gretchen Quarterman, Lowndes County, Georgia, 16 Oct 2010.